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Veterinary Medicine
Graduate School
Preveterinary Medicine
1) Introduction

Veterinary medicine is the profession dedicated to protecting the health of both animals and people through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of animal disease. The Chungbuk National University College of Veterinary Medicine has the Department of Pre-veterinary Medicine (2 years, 80 plus credits) and the Department of Veterinary Medicine (4 years, 160 plus credits) courses. The Department of Pre-veterinary Medicine operates its program of study to meet the objective of completing the requirements for promotion to the College of Veterinary Medicine. In first year, students study the basic liberal education requirements to be veterinarian. In second year, students study basic science and other course to take the major subjects in DVM course. Pre-veterinary medicine curriculum is to promote the basic feature and personality for satisfy the required morality and public benefit as veterinarian. The students completed pre-veterinary medicine course are advanced on the DVM course

2) Curriculum :

Yr-Sem-M-R/E Course (Credit) Yr-Sem-M-R/E Course (Credit)
2-1-R Organic Chemistry (3)
2-1-R Introduction to Nutritional Science (3)
2-1-E Bioethics and Law (3)
2-1-E History of Veterinary Medicine (3)
2-2-R Organic Chemistry (3)
2-2-R Biostatistics and Practice (3)
2-2-E Biomedical Engineering (3)
2-2-E Medical English (3)
2-1-R Basic Biochemistry (3)
2-1-R Introduction to Veterinary Medicine I (2)
2-1-E Cell Biology (3)

2-2-R Introduction to Veterinary Medicine II (2)
2-2-R Molecular Biology (3)
2-2-E Animal Behavior Science (3)

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