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Preveterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine
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Veterinary Medicine
1) Introduction

The veterinary medicine is 〆the medicine work together in effort to improve both human and animal health and specifically focus on animal health and welfare. 〇.
It covers preventive medicine and treatment on overall animals such as industrial animals(mammalia, fowls, etc.), laboratory animals(dog, mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, primates, etc.), companion animals(dog, cat, etc.), fish, wild animals and insects(bee, etc.).
A veterinary college student must complete the two-year(80 credits) pre-vet course and the four-year(160 credits) undergraduate courses of veterinary medicine.
As a undergraduate student, he/she need to complete the following subjects step-by-step: Basic veterinary medicine - veterinary anatomy(comparative and neuroanatomy), veterinary histology, veterinary embriology, veterinary biotechnology, veterinary physiology, veterinary immunology, veterinary biochemistry, etc.
Preventive veterinary medicine - veterinary pathology, veterinary pharmacology, veterinary toxicology, public health science(food and environmental hygiene), veterinary microbiology(bacteriology, virology), laboratory animal medicine, veterinary infectious diseases, veterinary parasitology, etc.
Clinical veterinary medicine - veterinary internal medicine, veterinary surgery, veterinary obstetrics, veterinary clinical pathology, veterinary diagnostic Imaging, diseases of fowls, aquatic animal diseases, zoo and wildlife animal disease, veterinary jurisprudence, etc. After completing the whole courses of study, you will be qualified to take the national veterinary board hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
Once you achieve the veterinary license, you will become a professional veterinarian.

2) Curriculum

Yr-Sem-M-R/E Course (Credit)
Yr-Sem-M-R/E Course (Credit)
1-1-R Vet. Basic Anatomy & Lab. (4)
1-1-R Vet. Embryology & Lab.グ (2)
1-1-R Vet. Physiology & Lab. グ (4)
1-1-R Vet. Biochemistry & Lab. グ (4)
1-1-R Vet. Bacteriology & Lab. (3)
1-1-R Vet. Histology & Lab. グ (3)
1-2-R Vet. Virology & Lab. (3)
1-2-R Vet. Embryology & Lab.ケ (2)
1-2-R Vet. Comparative Anatomy& Lab. (4)
1-2-R Vet. Physiology & Lab. ケ (4)
1-2-R Vet. Biochemistry & Lab. ケ (3)
1-2-R Vet. Histology & Lab. ケ (3)
2-1-R Vet. Parasitology & Lab. グ (2)
2-1-R Vet. Toxicology & Lab. グ (2)
2-1-R Vet. Viral Infectious Disease & Lab. (3)
2-1-R Vet. Pathology & Lab. グ (4)
2-1-R Vet. Pharmacology & Lab. グ (3)
2-1-R Vet. Immunology (3)
2-1-R Lab. Animal Medicine & Lab. グ (3)
2-2-R Vet. Parasitology & Lab. ケ (3)
2-2-R Vet. Toxicology & Lab. ケ (2)
2-2-R Vet. Pathology & Lab. ケ (4)
2-2-R Vet. Bacterial Disease & Lab. (3)
2-2-R Vet. Pharmacology & Lab. ケ (3)
2-2-R Lab. Animal Medicine & Lab. ケ (2)
2-2-R Food Hygiene & Lab. (3)
3-1-R Vet. Internal Medicine& Practiceグ (4)
3-1-R Vet. Surgery & Practiceグ (4)
3-1-R Vet. Obstetrics & Practiceグ (4)
3-1-R Vet. Laboratory Medicine & Practiceグ (2)
3-1-R Vet. Radiology & Practice (2)
3-1-R Vet. Aquatic Biomedicine グ (2)
3-1-R Avian Disease & Practice グ (2)
3-2-R Vet. Internal Medicine & Practiceケ (4)
3-2-R Vet. Surgery & Practiceケ (4)
3-2-R Vet. Obstetrics & Practiceケ (4)
3-2-R Vet. Laboratory Medicine& Practice ケ (2)
3-2-R Vet. Diagnostic Imaging& Practice (2)
3-2-R Vet. Aquatic Biomedicine ケ (2)
3-2-R Avian Disease & Practice ケ (2)
4-1-R Environmental Hygiene & Lab. (3)
4-1-R Wild Animal Medicine & Practice (2)
4-1-R Vet. Bioengineering (2)
4-1-R Veterinary Hospital Extern I (1)
4-1-R Practice in Field Clinic I (1)
4-1-R Veterinary Dermatology I (2)

4-1-E Practice in Veterinary Basic Medicineグ (3)
4-1-E Practice in Veterinary Preventive Medicine I (3)
4-1-E Practice in Veterinary Clinical Medicine I (3)
4-1-E Undergraduate Thesis in Veterinary Basic Medicine (Capstone design)グ(6)
4-1-E Undergraduate Thesis in Veterinary Preventive Medicine グ(Capstone design)(6)
4-1-E Undergraduate Thesis in Veterinary Clinical Medicine グ(Capstone design)(6)
4-2-R Vet. Legislation & Affairs (2)
4-2-R Veterinary Hospital Extern ケ (3)
4-2-R Zoonoses and Epidemiology (3)
4-2-R Practice in Field Clinicケ (1)
4-2-R Veterinary Dermatology ケ (2)

4-2-E Practice in Veterinary Basic Medicine ケ (3)
4-2-E Practice in Veterinary Preventive Medicine ケ (3)
4-2-E Practice in Veterinary Clinical Medicine ケ (3)
4-2-E Undergraduate Thesis in Veterinary Basic Medicine ケ(Capstone design)(6)
4-2-E Undergraduate Thesis in Veterinary Preventive Medicine ケ(Capstone design)(6)
4-2-E Undergraduate Thesis in Veterinary Clinical Medicine ケ(Capstone design)(6)

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