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Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine

The mission of the Reseaech Institute of Veterinary Medicine is to improve human and animal welfare through systematic biomedical research. We promote interdisciplinary(or multi-disciplinary) research and education among colleges including College of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture and Natural Sciences at Chungbuk National University. Our research focuses on development of animal model for human diseases, evaluating potential drugs, basic and clinical veterinary medicine that are related to public health. By brining multi-faceted research together the institute conducts state-of-the-art biomedical research to cure diseases and improve quality of life.

Institutional Goals

RIVM comprises KRF Supported Research Core, Infectious Disease Diagnosis/Prevention Unit, Veterinary Medical Research Unit and Regenerative Medicine Unit. The KRF Supported Research Core is the multi-disciplinary research programs funded by the Korean government for next 9 years and it operates as the main component of the Institute (Please find detailed information on the program under ¡°KRF Supported Research Core.¡±). The main research focuses of the Institute are animal model development, drug screening, public health related research including infectious disease diagnosis/prevention and basic/clinical veterinary medicine.

The Institute supports Interdisciplinary Graduate Program to educate students in various disciplines throughout Chungbuk National University. We coordinate ¡°Biomedical Efficiency and Safety Assessment for Natural and Synthetic Products¡± program in Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Pharmacy and Natural Sciences. We also host monthly seminars and special symposia to enhance scientific communication. Our goal in education is to nurture students in diverse research areas and to fuel industrial partners with highly-skilled research scientists.

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