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A. Foundation Purposes

To acquire the evaluation reliability in food and drugs, the Korean government introduced GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) with growing demands for AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care). Also, the Animal Protection Law was proposed in December 2006, Korea will regulate animal tests from ethicalaspects. In order meet demands from in and out of Korea to improve test accuracy and reliability, and secure ethics in animal tests, we have opened the Test Animal Research Support Center with high-tech test equipment and advanced clean animal facilities.
The center satisfies animal breeding environment standards recommended by the NIH (National Institute of Health, US); supports animal tests, raises specialists in animal tests, and carries out animal tests for various university-industry and government-funded projects.
Also, in order to support animal tests systematically from design to execution to result deduction, we built TSS (Total Solution Service) for blood analyses, structure pathological tests, animal behavioral tests, animal test technology support and animal tests as proxy.
The TSS of the Research Center will help to draw the best and most accurateresultsin animal testing by providing the best researchers, clean animal room sand high-tech test equipment for animal test sconducted by in dustries and research centers.

B. Facilities
 1) General Facilities
The Chungbuk University Test Animal Research Support Center has a space of 4153.77§³; one floor under the ground and four floors above the ground. There are over 40 animal rooms, 14 laboratories, and 10 research support rooms that meet GLP standards.

C. Main Project Areas

1) Project Areas
¤ŭAnimal test research support
¤ŭGovernment-funded project text as proxy
¤ŭEducation for animal tests

2) Research Areas
¤ŭEffectiveness evaluation of new materials and functional food
¤ŭNon-clinical safety tests for medicines and medical equipment
¤ŭSafety medical test
¤ŭSpecial test animal maintenance and breeding

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