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Brain Korea 21 Plus
Brain Korea 21 Plus (BK21+)

The veterinary college has one undergraduate course - veterinary medicine, and four graduate courses - veterinary morphological studies, veterinary functional studies, veterinary preventive studies and veterinary clinical studies.
In order to improve the effectiveness of the project, an operational committee, evaluation committee, promotional committee, education & research committee, and cooperation committee have been established. Also, to cure diseases caused by a fast aging society and prevent new contagious diseases, there are new bio-material search and evaluation technology development teams; infectious disease diagnosis and prevention technology development teams; high-tech regenerative medical technology development teams; and a high-tech veterinary clinical diagnosis and treatment technology development team.


Educate specialists who can lead the development of new high-tech materials and bio-materials through courses in the Laboratory Animal Research Center

Educate specialists to play a crucial role in diagnostic and preventive measures through courses in Animal Disease Diagnosis and Prevention Center

Educate creative specialists in high-tech regenerative medical technology through coursework in the Regenerative Medical Center

Educate specialists who can operate high-tech medical equipment and treat animal patients with new technology through coursework in the Animal Medical Center

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